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Riga, the 6th most sought-after tourist destination in Europe?

Updated: Apr 10

Every year, the EuropeanBestdestinations website publishes a ranking of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide and in Europe.

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This year, Riga is ranked 6th, behind Marbella, Monaco, Malta, Geneva, and Batumi (Georgia).

It's a popular recognition for the city dear to my heart, as over a million travelers from 172 countries were consulted for the vote.

The ranking was based on criteria such as the best city for a break in Europe, as well as the best nature getaways in Europe, the most beautiful sunny holidays in Europe, and the best cultural and gastronomic stays, whether traveling as a couple, with family, or alone.

Riga 6ème destination touristique européenne en 2024

Riga , a tourist destination in 2024!

Riga tourist destination: Here is how the website presents the city I propose to introduce to you for an hour or more during your visit to Latvia:

« In 2024, visit the most cosmopolitan of the Baltic capitals: Riga, the capital of Latvia, is a modern city with a historic heart that offers a spectacular variety of natural, culinary, and cultural charms.

Exploring the best places in Riga will give you a definitive answer to why Riga is worth visiting. Riga's Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The historic center is full of winding paths and well-hidden streets that allow rediscovering Riga's Old Town with each visit. It is surrounded by evidence of romance, Gothic, and Baroque that refresh the views of the modern city.

The pedantic luxury of the rich facades of buildings can be admired for a long time in the Art Nouveau district, as about a third of the houses in the city center are true gems of this style. Architecture, theaters, art galleries, and outdoor events are just a small part of the cultural cake you can taste in Riga. The luxurious opera, various music halls, independent cinemas, and the contemporary art scene are part of the brightest cultural offerings.

At the end of 2023, Latvia and Riga joined the exclusive Michelin Guide family, earning their first star. In Riga, you'll find cozy cafes or chic restaurants on every corner of the city center. Menus feature combinations of local and global flavors, emphasizing seasonal and locally available products. Whether it's a white-tablecloth restaurant or a place for vegan coffee and bread, it's evident that Riga loves to eat and appreciate food. And let's not forget the drinks! Riga is home to the best roasters in the Baltic countries, so finding a decent cup of coffee in the city is not difficult. The same goes for a glass of beer, as there are many local breweries that take their IPAs and lagers seriously.

Despite its remarkable age of 822 years, Riga is far from feeling old. The city's youthful spirit is best appreciated during one of the street food festivals or other creative and urban events held throughout the year. But if you want to be more adventurous and closer to nature, just spend thirty minutes from the city center at the beach, in areas surrounded by forests and the fresh sea air, walking along the pier – a unique closeness to nature and breathtaking landscapes that you can enjoy here in Riga. Almost everything nature has to offer is within a short drive."

You now have no more excuses not to rush and get your tickets, and give a beautiful surprise to your loved ones (or yourself).

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