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Andra, English-speaking guide in Riga, offers you numerous guided tours of the city and the country.

Infinite possibilities await.

Welcome to, your gateway to an enriching exploration of Latvia, where every corner unveils a unique cultural and natural treasure! 🌍✨

I am Andra, your passionate international local guide, and I am thrilled to invite you to dive into the fascinating world of Riga, the vibrant capital of Latvia, as well as the hidden gems scattered throughout this captivating Baltic country.

If the idea of embarking on a journey combining history, stunning architecture, breathtaking nature, and culinary delights excites you, you are in the right place. As a polyglot, I will accompany you in Latvian, Russian, French, and English for a total immersion into Latvian culture. On this website, you will find numerous guided tour options; feel free to contact me if you need any additional information to make a reservation. Moreover, we can also tailor your visits if you wish to personalize your exploration of the city and the country, which, as you may have understood, extends beyond the city of Riga.

Explore the cobblestone streets of Riga's Old Town, where medieval architecture bears witness to the city's rich history. Climb the Cathedral tower for a breathtaking panoramic view. Immerse yourself in Art Nouveau in the heart of the city, and savor local flavors at the bustling Central Market.

Beyond Riga, discover the majesty of Turaida Castle, relax on the beaches of Jūrmala, and explore Gauja National Park with its stunning landscapes. Between historical monuments, idyllic beaches, and preserved nature, each step of your journey will be marked by the magic of Latvia.

Whether it's your first visit or you've already fallen in love with this enchanting country, is your trusted companion for a borderless exploration. Welcome to your Latvian adventure.

Warm regards, Andra


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Our tours in Riga

Our tours in Latvia

To visit Riga, we can tailor organize tours for your upcoming trip.


Andra Brice

Speaking-English Guide in Riga

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