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A first Michelin star pour Max Cekot

Updated: Apr 10

Max Cekot dans sa cuisine ouverte
Le guide michelin 1 étoile

A Star Shines in the Culinary Firmament! MAX CEKOT Celebrates Its Michelin Guide Nomination


In the exquisite universe of gastronomy, each star in the Michelin Guide is synonymous with perfection, passion, and innovation. The Michelin Guide, more than a mere reference, has been a globally respected institution for over a century. Founded by the Michelin brothers in 1900, this eponymous guide was initially intended to guide motorists in choosing the best routes and accommodations. Over the years, it has evolved to become the undisputed authority in restaurant evaluations, awarding stars based on the exceptional quality of cuisine and service. For readers who may not be familiar with the significance of Michelin stars, each star represents a level of culinary excellence. Max Cekot is the first restaurant awarded a star.

les 3 étoiles michelin signe de perfection culinaire

1 Michelin star: The restaurant is considered "very good in its category," offers a quality menu, and consistently provides high-level cuisine.

2 Etoiles stars: Awarded when personality and talent in the kitchen are evident in the preparations; the cuisine is refined and inspired..

3 Etoiles stars: This is the highest distinction, given to the remarkable cuisine of chefs at the peak of their talent. Their cuisine can be considered art, and some of their dishes are destined to become classics.

Today, we are delighted to celebrate the exceptional culinary ascent of the MAX CEKOT restaurant, which has recently been honored with a star by the prestigious Michelin Guide. This recognition, a true consecration for any gastronomic establishment, highlights the excellence of MAX CEKOT in the art of cuisine..


At Max Cekot Kitchen, they offer their guests a new vision of modern Latvian cuisine. Only three evenings a week, the chef and the team at our restaurant in Riga delight guests with a seasonal 10-course tasting menu, which can be accompanied, according to their preferences, by 6 specially selected varieties of wine or homemade beverages. While new dishes make their appearance on the menu every three weeks, the entire tasting menu changes once every two months.Throughout the evening, you have the opportunity to observe the preparation of dishes in the chef's open kitchen, as well as hear the origin story of each dish and ingredient from the chef himself. The unique concept that combines the best ingredients at their peak, creative ideas for modern Latvian cuisine, and individual attention to each guest will transform your dinner into an unforgettable culinary experience that is nothing short of perfect.


Max Cekot Kitchen stands out remarkably from other restaurants in Riga. The interior has been specially designed and handmade by local artisans so that every detail enhances your culinary experience and contributes to the venue's unmistakable atmosphere. Each design element has its significance, from the blue line running across the chef's wooden table to the bicycle chain supporting the metal heating lamps, to the lava pattern on the plates. And each dish offered by their top-notch chefs is the result of their original ideas and inspirations and can be found nowhere else.


At Max Cekot Kitchen, they aim at adding only the freshest vegetables, herbs, and cress to our guests' dishes. That's why they have a summer garden and indoor greenhouses, allowing us to provide the best ingredients to the kitchen all year round. In collaboration with experts from the University of Latvia, they experiment and explore plant growth. Thus, they can learn from nature, develop new ideas for their tasting menu and vegetarian recipes, and convey their philosophy to the plate..


Andra et son client chez Max Cekot

We invite you to be among the privileged few who will have the chance to taste this culinary adventure. Book now to discover the refinement of Latvian cuisine reimagined by Max Cekot and his team, to witness the magic that happens in our garden and greenhouses, and to be swept away by an evening where culinary perfection becomes a reality.


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